Perfume container

The picture is showing one of the exhibits at the museum of Cairo, an alabaster perfume container. 
Ancient Egyptians were among the first who extended their trade action towards the countries of the East in order to acquire exotic raw materials for the production of scented extracts, oils and ointments. One of their favorite methods to keep themselves fragrant throughout the day was the placement of a solid fragrance cone on the top of their heads. The cone was melting by the heat gradually upon them releasing an aromatic fragrance.
I do not believe that this method would be practical nowadays...But I would love to have such a beautiful, handmade perfume bottle!

My suggestions:

For the perfumes you make on your own use practical glass bottles, ideal for traveling too or use special bottles with roll on to control the amount of perfume you are applying.

If you are looking for something unique and elegant for your perfume or you want to offer a complete, beautiful present, the selection of exquisite, decorated bottles is endless.

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