Massage on the beach

"As masseurs for swimmers at beaches of Chania on Crete were forced to work Chinese men and women by three emigrant criminals, also Chinese, who were arrested yesterday by the police..." (you can read the full news article here).
Last year I was temted to accept the services of a - what a coincidence - Chinese masseur on the beach. I had thought back then that there is no better place to enjoy such a relaxing experience, especially by the hands of a person originating from a country where massage is widely used, even for the cure of serious illness.
Now, reading the above mentioned article I am more than happy that I had not submitted to the offer. The choice of a masseur is a serious matter. It has to be a person with positive energy, compatible with your prefferable touch feeling, trustful and above all complete and of course certified training. Especially when he/she is using essential oils, knowledge of their indications, counter-indications and proposed dosage is required.
I am advising you to always ask proof from your prospective therapist that he/she has attended a full training program and has gained certification by the corresponding association. For aromatherapists in Greece the Greek Aromatherapist Association exists that issues membership cards for registered therapists.
Massage on the beach could be an outstanding experience, but remember it is your body we are talking about so be selective!

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