Children need parents.

"A severe tendency of human relations weathering is developing in west world societies, which tends to convert the social body into an amorphous mass of human dust. Such a thing is politically controlled and ideologically handled much easier and succumbs to the powers of consumerism and psycho-intellectual control. In that general trend the relations between parents and children have become a target and are attacked with two major weapons:  the first is scorning the parental role, which climaxes as the difficulty of parents to impart to their children the art of parenting. The second weapon is the apotheosis of childish narcissism, up to the point where the teenager way of life becomes the center of life style...
What children need, want and demand (sufficient parents) is not something metaphysic, unheard or unrealistic. It is rudimentary human. The accomplishment of parenting can be an action of upmost moral reward. Which is the sense of parental pride. This is why, even though some mechanisms seem to be supporting the opposite, being a parent that wants his/her child, without fear and with some kind of art, can be done!"
The above text is a translation of a few paragraphs from the book "Children do not need a psychologist. They need parents!" by Nikos Sideris. Whether you are a parent or not this book is worth reading. If you can read in Greek, light up your diffuser, drip a few drops of basil essential oil for better concentration and learn how not to be afraid to be a parent!

My suggestions:

The essential oil of basil has the property to increase concentration and mental clarity. Add a few drops in the diffuser or dilute 1 drop of essential oil in a teaspoon of sweet almond oil and gently massage your temples.

The book "Setting Limits: How to Raise Responsible, Independent Children by Providing Clear Boundaries " demonstrates proven techniques and procedures that correct children's bad behaviour and shows parents how to grow responsible youngsters who will respect the rules of the family, without conflicts and endless fights. A must have for every parent!

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