Positive thinking amid recession!

An article by Lia Leontidou, aromatherapist, member of HAA.
Translation: Vivi Kavvada, aromatherapist, member of HAA.

Every thought we make has the dynamics for creation, a fact that can be reversed if someone is possessed with negative energy!
"Thought precedes action (energy) and action precedes realization". Taking into consideration this phrase it becomes evident that when we are making a thought a beam of energy is created which constitutes the beginning of our efforts to accomplish our initial thought.
Positive thinking is helping our brains to produce chemical substances beneficial for our bodies, while negative thoughts encourage the production of acidic and less healthy chemicals in our organisms. These chemical substances are creating the substructure for the realization of our ideas. In todays worldwide adverse situation, with fear and negative disposition hovering all around us, it is extremely difficult to keep a positive attitude towards challenges and our faith in a harmonious world is weakening day by day. However, that faith is exactly what we should not lose!
One of the biggest challenges we are all facing today is the economic recession. Apart from the difficulties we have to deal with, we are bombarded everyday with news creating fear and negative mental mood. We are suffering such an intense brain wash about the economic recession, that our whole Existence is accepting this situation as an absolute and universal reality and we tend to adopt behaviours that reflect exactly these circumstances. But if we can control our own reality, then why don't we create a life that will provide us with everything we need?
Remember, money is just another form of energy. And energy can be produced through thinking. If we produce positive thoughts, if we trully believe that we can find all the money we need, then we could attract that wealth through the law of attraction.
Can aromatherapy help us make positive thoughts? Essential oils have their own energy and transmit vibrations that could activate us in order to break up all paterns of negative thinking. To chase away unpleasant thoughts and feelings related to finance one could use essential oils that strengthen the lower chakra. Essential oils that come from trees having roots deep into the ground can help us acquire a feeling of stability and power and will restore our fundamental trust to the Universe. Sandalwood, cedarwood, frankincense and cypress are essential oils that can help us feel safe and grounded.
Fear concerning economic matters could become evident with a number of ways, as a low intensity anxiety or even as very severe panic attacks. Essential oils that can help you relieve stress and the tantalizing sense that something could go wrong are bergamot, geranium, lavender, rose, chamomile and orange.
If you are experiencing severe tension, when financial problems are troubling your mind and worries cause intense physical stress, the essential oils of sandalwood, sage, frankincense, vetiver and melissa are ideal.
The essential oils of valeriana, helichrysum, lavender, chamomile, marjoram, ylang ylang and patchouli are very helpful in situations of severe panic attacks.
All the above mentioned essential oils can be used very effectively in an oil burner or diffuser. For a more direct application drip a few drops of essential oils in a handkerchief and inhale whenever you feel the need. For emergencies you could always carry with you a small bottle containing a mixture of essential oils. Inhaling regularly from the bottle will help you ease your fears and stay calm whenever your thoughts are heading to the wrong direction. Finally, you could moderate mental tension and physical stress by using essential oils and aromatic salts when taking a bath or shower.
Positive thinking could reverse negative energy and restore the excretion of beneficial chemical substances in our bodies. Even if we are bombarded with ominous forecasts about the economy we are not obliged to accept them as the only, non reversible reality. As long as we have the mental clarity and strength to ignore our earthly fears, fed by the television and the newspapers, we can surge ourselves with positive thoughts. See that you always carry with you essential oils with a soft scent that will help you retain your calmness, your selfcontrol and your faith in the positive outcome of all circumstances.
Do not forget, we have the power to change our attitude towards life by changing our thoughts and charging ourselves with positive energy!


Mental fatigue - tonic blend
50 ml almond oil
5 drops eo rosemary
8 drops eo bergamot
4 drops eo orange
6 drops eo basil

Blend in a dark colored bottle the essential oils with the base oil and shake well. Drip a few drops from the blend in a handkerchief and inhale or use it to massage the shoulders.

Nervous tension - relaxing blend
50 ml almond oil
8 drops eo lavender
6 drops eo roman chamomile
8 drops eo lemon
8 drops eo mandarin

Blend in a dark colored bottle the essential oils with the base oil and shake well. Relax your body using the blend to massage the shoulders or drip a few drops in an oil burner or diffuser.

Strengthening and revitalization
30 ml almond oil
8 drops eo grapefruit
4 drops eo lavender
4 drops eo lemon

Blend in a dark colored bottle the essential oils with the base oil and shake well. Massage your chest and back.

Relief from anxiety/stress headache
30 ml almond oil
4 drops eo peppermint
6 drops eo lemon
6 drops eo lavender
1 drops eo geranium

Blend in a dark colored bottle the essential oils with the base oil and shake well. Massage your temples, forehead, nape and around the ears.

Mental revitalization
1 drop eo jasmine
2 drops eo lime
2 drops eo petitgrain

Add the essential oils and water in an oil burner or diffuser.

Room perfume
1 drop eo patchouli
1 drop eo vanilia
3 drops eo geranium
1 drop eo neroli

Add the essential oils and water in an oil burner or diffuser or spray the air.

About the author: Lia Leontidou is a certified aromatherapist, graduate of NHS. She is professionaly engaged with alternative therapies and is an active member of the Hellenic Aromatherapy Association BD.

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