Handmade soap with essential oils

Christmas are just around the corner and despite the recession you feel the need to offer presents to your beloved family and friends. There is no better present than the one you will craft on your own, easily and economical, as a handmade soap with aromatic pure essential oils. The receiver of such a present will get from you a message of love and a natural product, free of harmful chemicals, ideal for skin care and mental revitalization!
You will need following ingredients:

0,5 kg glycerine soap base, plain or with goat milk,
7 ml (about half tablespoon) essential oils,
1 teaspoon dried blossoms ( lavender, chamomile, etc) and/or
14 ml (about one tablespoon) of your beloved herbal tea, warm,
double boiler,

The process to make glycerin soap with essential oils is very simple:

Cut the glycerine soap base in small pieces, place in the double boiler and heat until it perfectly melts. Remove from the heat source and while glycerin is still warm stir in any of the other ingredients you desire, i.e. the natural pigment, the dried blossoms or herbal tea and/or the essential oils. Keep in mind that natural dyes are usually very condensed and a few drops are enough to achieve the desired shade. Also add the essential oils always last because they tend to evaporate due to the heat.
Pour the mixture in the special molds and let it rest for about an hour until it completely cools down. If you have problems removing the soap bars from the molds place them for half an hour in the freezer. Use fancy ribbons and multi-coloured paper to wrap your fragrant soaps and an exceptional ,inexpensive but of great sentimental value, present is ready! 

To fabricate soaps that apart from beneficial properties will also have pleasant Christmas scent I suggest you use the following essential oil combinations:

Cedarwood-Orange: for positive mood, feelings of self-confidence and safety, ideal for acne and oily skin.
Cinnamon-Lemongrass: for warmth, revitalization, better concentration, ideal for arthritis, rheumatism and muscular pain.
Lavender-Pine: for relaxation, stress relief, mental balance, beneficial to the respiratory system and ideal for skin complaints (eczema, itching, psoriasis etc.).
Basil-Cinnamon: for mental clarity, memory enhancement, warmth, revitalization, feelings of enthousiasm and optimism, enhancement of circulatory system, headache relief.
Many books are available with great ideas and useful advice concerning easy and economical ways of crafting striking handmade soaps. I suggest you read two first class books, the "Melt and Mold Soap Crafting" by Kalia Westerman which presents 30 different techinques for amazing, imaginative creations and the "Soapmaking the natural way" by Rebecca Ittner with 45 recipes containing herbs and blossoms.

If you like the idea of offering this Chrismtas aromatic soaps but you do not have time for fabrications, you can choose from a wide selection here.

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