Ubuntu. This word was chosen as a name for the free, open source operating system based on Linux which is distributed free of charge and can be improved by any programmer wishing to participate in the development team. Ubuntu in the language of the African tribe Zulu means “I am what I am because of what we all are”. At the following video one of the most known and charismatic personalities of Africa, Nelson Mandela explains the meaning of the word ubuntu and speaks about its message. Solidarity, respect, sharing, offer, care, trust, unselfishness are concepts embodied by the word ubuntu.
Aromatherapy is governed by these concepts.
The effectiveness of every treatment with essential oils – especially when applied through massage – depends greatly on the will of the therapist to fully understand the patient’s needs and offer him the best possible care showing respect to the unique features of every person.
From the patient’s point of view he must show trust to the therapist, expose his burdens (physical, mental, emotional) and mainly his body.
It is very impressive how aromatherapy and software development, two activities that seem so different, have so similar basic principals. Most ancient civilizations were recognizing that the natural cosmos surrounding us and all expressions of life and human activity are interconnected and interact. Nature, society, the human body, soul and spirit were treated as subtotals of the same unity governed by common rules and principles. Those concepts and principles seem to be lost nowadays. Could it be that returning to them would help us ensure more balanced and qualitative life conditions?

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