Do detergents contain essential oils?

You are asking my opinion about the product series called “aromatherapy” advertised by some companies producing clothing detergents and softeners. I couldn’t know if those particular companies use in their products pure essential oils which are the only ones having beneficial properties.
I have to admit that I was positively impressed by the website of Unilever which has a list of ingredients for all its products. For example, at the list of ingredients of the product “OMO with jasmine and lavender essential oils” there is no clear reference to pure essential oils. Geraniol is contained but this is only one of the 28 components of lavender oil that act in synergy. If you search the web or contact the rest of the companies you may find similar constituent lists.
Personally, I am reserved regarding those products. Pure essential oils are produced with methods that require big amounts of raw material (petals, bark, seeds, etc.) for only a few ml of final product. For that reason their price is usually high (for example 10 ml of jasmine oil are sold by some brands for 50€) and a practice followed by many companies in order to offer more accessible products is to sell dilutions of essential oils in base oils (usually 5%-25%). Therefore I believe it would be unprofitable to use pure essential oils in wide production detergents and softeners.
If you are interested in more healthy and ecological approaches for the treatment of your clothes you will find in the web many recipes, mainly for the preparation of clothing softeners. You could try the following and please do not forget to inform me about the results!

2 cups vinegar
2 cups baking soda
4 cups warm water
20 drops essential oils (for example lavender, cedar wood, rose etc.)

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