Hope amid crisis

A few days ago, during demonstrations against the new financial measurements a very tragic incident took place in Athens. Three people that had the misfortune to be working in a bank at the area of demonstrations lost their lives in a tragic way. One of the victims was four months pregnant.
The news have already traveled around the globe and many international media are adding to the recent murky characterizations about Greeks one more.
At the same time in Greece many things are said and written about the offenders of the criminal action, the circumstances that loaded their hands, the possible indifference and revengeful attitude of people standing outside the building, the instigators, the responsibility or not of some political parties. 
I wonder how much value those conversations have for the families of the victims...
Certainly the offenders must be found and justice should be restored.
However it is high time we considered the personal responsibilities corresponding to each one of us leading to the declining course of our country.
It is not only the financial problems that always existed and enormously grew lately. The last few years in our everyday lives we are all facing and more or less reproducing a degradation of values, ideas and behavior.
I do not believe in better races and surplus genes. On the contrary I believe in the creative power a person acquires by combining rational thinking, thirst for knowledge, good intentions, diligence and the desire to offer.
Those days of general agitation I received an email that has touched and filled me with hope. It concerns the hurt surgeon Afksendiyos Kalangos. I will pass the stereotype of the Greek origin. Althoug I have to admit that I was filled with pride and in his words I recognized many of the values I believed, at least formerly, impregnated Greece's society. Mr Kalangos is the chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery in the University Hospital of Geneva. However he finds the time and the physical strength to offer his services with unselfishness on week every month in countries where children of a lesser God live. I urge you to read the corresponding article of Kathimerini newspaper (http://portal.kathimerini.gr/4dcgi/_w_articles_kathextra_8_08/05/2009_278699). You can find a translation here.
I will only mention, in terms of this blog, that Mr Kalangos is using a scent containing cinnamon after every surgery. I promise to write soon a post concerning this wonderful spice and its antioxidant and antiseptic properties!
The words I hear and the hamming that is taking place every night at the television "discussion panels" fill me with sorrow. They are not beneficial, neither do they offer information. On the contrary they grow, according to their beloved tactics fear, confusion, a sense of misery and action inability.
The power for change lies within us. Let us exploit our creative powers, seek for knowledge, initially each one of us in his/her own expertise field and the collectively and let us fight united and with good intentions for a better future.

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