Combating cellulite

The season of summer baths is coming closer. Unfortunately for many women exhibiting their bodies in common view is an unpleasant ordeal due to cellulite. It is estimated that approximately 90% of women in the developed countries have cellulite while its symptoms are starting to show up in some men also.
Cellulite makes its appearance in areas of the body that have more fatty tissue (hips, belly, arms, thighs) usually after puberty and is very common at ages 25-30. Reasons for its formation are considered to be unhealthy nutrition, lack of exercise, hormonal disorders, bad blood and lymph ciculation. Some people are more prone to forming cellulite while body weight does not play an important role.
After a search in the internet you will discover many ways for combating cellulite. Special body wraps and slimmers, capsules, laser and the more traditional and natural ones: creams, healthy and conservative nutrition in combination with exercise and massage.
In case cellulite is the outcome of pathological causes the opinion of a specialized doctor is required. For the rest non pathological cases I am a follower of the "hard way" to combat cellulite which, as most non commercialized opinions allege, is the one that provides long term results.
If you are concerned too about your appearance at the beach or the pool I have the following suggestions:
  • Reduce as much as possible the consumption of alcohol, refreshers with sweeteners, sugar, salt, coffee and tee.
  • Drink everyday plenty of water and in 2-3 glasses add a few drops of lemon. One glass of water containing 2-3 drops of lemon should be consumed in the morning, one hour before the first meal. It helps the body to detoxify, cleans the peptic system and breaks down fats.
  • Follow a program of healthy, balanced nutrition rich in vegetables and citrus fruit. Try to divide the total food amount of a day in 5-6 small portions.
  • Adopt any form of exercise that you can easily embody in your weekly schedule. It doesn't have to be exhausting and do not set excessive goals. Even half an hour of fast paced walking 3-4 times a week will firm your muscles and activate your metabolism.
  • Obtain a  massage sponge and whenever you take a shower improve the blood circulation in the problematic areas by scrubbing them performing circular movements of moderate pressure with direction towards the heart. Insist on every area for about 5 minutes. You can enforce the sponge action by using special  aromatherapy soaps, scrubs and shower gels. Many essential oils, such as cypress, grapefruit, juniper, black pepper, have detoxifying, decongestant and firming action.
  • After the shower apply at the areas of cellulite deposits a special aromatherapy lotion or oil. Use smooth massage movements until the products are fully absorbed by the skin.
  • For a more effective treatment of intense cellulite have once or twice a week a deep aromatherapy massage. With the proper essential oils you will improve lymph circulation and skin appearance, increase cell oxygenating, accelerate the break down of ugly lumps and lift your mood.
However, even if you do not succeed to get rid of cellulite until vacation do not worry. People that are smiling, emit positive energy and are reconciled with their body are always charming!

My suggestions:

Use a special natural bristle brush or sponge to massage problematic areas everyday. It is perfect for dry skin brushing or you can use it in the bath or shower in combination with exfoliating soaps .

Help you body to get rid of toxins, enhance blood circulation and tone your skin by gently massaging it once a day with the following essential oil blend:

50ml almond oil,
3 drops e.o. black pepper,
3 drops e.o. sandalwood,
3 drops e.o. cypress,
6 drops e.o. juniper,
3 drops e.o. grapefruit,
6 drops e.o. geranium,
3 drops e.o. frankincense.

You will experience faster results, in psychological and physical level, if you systematically get a massage from an experienced aromatherapist. However, if that is not possible, try to enhance the effectiveness of the blend using an electrical massage device or the most recent weapon of technology against cellulite, the ultrasonic massager!

Bibliography regarding cellulite, its causes and ways of combating it, is very rich. You will find here some of the best books about cellulite with effective advise for getting it off your body and mind!

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