If you enjoy preparing your own aromatherapy and cosmetic products, you will find many suppliers for the ingredients and the required equipment. Most of them have good quality and affordable prices. 
One of the affiliate stores mostly preferred for the supplies of AromaTherapy Cosmos crafts is Amazon. It has a wide variety and most reliable producers (Tisserand, Mystic Moments, Aura, Quinessence etc) sell their products on Amazon. Just remember, we usually get what we pay for, so do not make your choices based on price alone.
Here's some quick links for essential aromatherapy ingredients and equipment:

Essential oils     Carrier oils              Dried herbs and flowers       Soap base, colors and molds

Books               Glass containers      Massage accessories        Diffusers

However, if you are not the DIY person but still prefer unique, personalized products, do not hesitate to contact AromaTherapy Cosmos. 

You can see some of our products below, consult us for their availability.

Lavender & Lemon "Lego" Soap

Lavender & Lemon Mini Bars

Lavender & Lemon "Lego" in House

Ghosty Soap


Hand Cream Lavender & Orange

Acne Cream Lavender & Teatree