Methods of using essential oils

In order to enjoy the beneficial properties of aromatherapy use one of the following methods:
  • Massage (with a blend of essential oils and carrier oil): relaxes the muscles, calms and rests the mind, helps release depressed and negative feelings, acts effectively against cellulite, improves blood and lymph circulation and enhances detoxification of the body.
  • Bath (a few drops of essential oils in the tub or on the sponge are adequate): relaxes and refreshes the body, lifts the mood.
  • Inhalations (add essential oils in a bowl with hot water or a special diffuser): beneficial for respiratory problems, colds and cough. The method of warm vapors can be used for cleaning the face skin.
  • Compress: effective for dealing with headaches, relieving muscle pains and skin irritations, lowering fever.
  • Room fresheners: create pleasant atmosphere at home or your office, enhance concentration and creative thinking, act as natural insect repellents and microbicides.
  • Production of natural cosmetics: body and face creams, shampoo, hair conditioner, oils for cellulite treatment, bath gels, perfumes, lip balms etc.
There are many essential oils from which you can choose and ask your aromatherapist to create your own personal blends that will cover your unique emotional, spiritual and body needs.
It is important that you always insist on the use of certified, top quality essential oils.

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