From discipline to love

Many parents – if not the most – are experiencing difficult relationships with their children. Tantrums, conflicts, power struggles, rebellions…Raising a child or teenager can be a perfect storm of stress and sadness and this is why so many methods have been introduced and so many books have been written on parenting. Some of them are truly excellent. But only two books have truly helped me as a parent to come a step closer to establishing a mutually respectful and flourishing relationship with my children.
Are you trying hard to avoid being an authoritarian or permissive parent? Are you struggling to make your kids listen to you? Are you wondering how to become a good listener so kids will talk to you? Would you like to teach your children to "own" their problems and to solve them? Are you looking for a "No-Lose" method to resolve conflicts?
Then you definitely have to focus on Parent Effectiveness Training methods which will teach you how to communicate more effectively with your kids and offer step-by-step advice to resolving family conflicts so everybody wins!
Dr. Thomas Gordon, a licensed clinical psychologist who was nominated 3 times for the Nobel Peace Prize, introduced in 1962 the Parent Effectiveness Training program.  Dr. Gordon was widely recognized as a pioneer in teaching communication skills and conflict resolution methods and his program has been taught to over a million parents in over 50 countries around the world.
If you read and decide to follow the methods of Dr. Gordon described in his best seller book “Parent Effectiveness Training: The Proven Program for Raising Responsible Children” your children will:
  • feel free to discuss their problems and concerns with you instead of withdrawing,
  • learn self-discipline, self-control and an inner sense of personal responsibility,
  • learn how to work with each other instead of against each other,
  • experience fewer angry outbursts and more problem-solving,
  • participate in rule-setting so they will feel motivated to comply with the rules.
By learning how to troubleshoot family problems and knowing which skills to use to resolve conflicts and problems in your family so that no one loses your home will turn into a place with less tension, less resentment, more fun, more peace, more love!

Another amazing and easy to read book with highly valuable parenting advice is Elizabeth Pantley’s “The No-Cry Discipline Solution. Gentle Ways to Encourage Good Behavior without Whining, Tantrums and Tears”.
Based on the most important fact that parents know their children best, the author makes many different suggestions, and it’s up to each individual parent to decide which ones will work best to suit theirs and their child's personality, lifestyle and belief systems.
Although any parent knows that yelling at children, especially if they are toddlers, leads to even more crying, screaming, and fighting, it is easy to reach a point of desperation while trying to impose discipline. This book, written in clear understandable language will completely alter the way you are handling difficult parenting situations. It provides some great insights and good tips on how to prevent the public and private tantrums and scenes that every parent dreads escalating or even starting in the first place. It will help you achieve cooperation, communication, and consistency. This way discipline will turn into a positive, affirming experience for both you and your child!

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