Your compass to fitness

  • Are you wondering how to lose holiday pounds?
  • Are you following various diets without having results?
  • Are you spending endless hours in the gym but your abs are still hiding?
  • Do you know which snack to choose for a perfect line without remorse?
  • Are you a new mama and can not get rid of pregnancy belly fat?
At MyFitCompass you will find many useful tips on nutrition and exercise for a healthy and beautiful body at any stage of your life. Most importantly, you can make your individual fitness program (even if you are pregnant, have recently given birth or have a health problem such as osteoporosis) easily and at no cost by following 5 simple steps:

  1. calculate how many calories you need here.
  2. calculate how many calories you get from your meals here. The food list is extensive, including their content of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It is ideal for planning healthy daily menus even if you do not care to lose weight.
  3. make your own fitness program (for the gym or home) here.
  4. select training intensity and watch the video here.
  5. calculate how many calories you are burning with exercise here. 
Do not forget, the quickest and most effective way to burn fat without "sacrificing" your muscles is to combine "slow pace" diet with aerobic workouts. Slow pace means consuming daily 300-500 calories less.

Essential oils can be an ally to your effort of losing weight. Use the following mixture for a massage, during you shower or bath. The essential oils it contains enhance body detoxification and skin tightening while noticeably improve blood circulation. Your metabolism will be activated so burning fat and fighting cellulite will become easier.

Obesity/cellulite oil

30 ml sweet almond oil
5 drops e.o. fennel
5 drops e.o. juniper
4 drops e.o. grapefruit
2 drops e.o. lemon
2 drops e.o. clary sage

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