Eleni's colorful world

Eleni is creating art since her childhood. When she was little she used to shape objects from the dough her mother made and she was taught copper engraving in elementary school. During her studies at the School of Fine Arts in Athens she took lessons on engraving, set design and photography.

Eleni Pehlivani is a painter. She was born in Germany by Greek parents but grew up in Komotini. Eleni's world is colorful, just like her experiences from three different cultures that helped her evolve as an artist and as a person. Her paintings are expressing the harmony achieved by accepting diversity, since they combine creatively different materials. Paints, threads, even sand cooperate successfully creating patterns that delight the eye and travel the mind.

Eleni is inspired by nature, her creatures and shapes. And she loves children. She organized a visual art project for children aged 5-12 at the Benaki Museum in 2010 and at the Museum of Islamic Art in 2011.
She says about her work: "My artistic world is a place of constant meetings, where the decorative forms and varieties of folk art are combined with angular, simple, modern geometrical forms. My inspiration is my hometown Komotini, a town rich of oriental stimuli. My paintings depict the sense of diversity, the various religions and habits of people who live there and produce a special culture. I am collecting elements from this colorful and beautiful place through my visual experiences and childhood memories and I am interested in creating a link between those diversities via my paintings."
Since 2009 until today Eleni has held three individual exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Enjoy more of Eleni's paintings at her personal blog


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