The first autumn showers are a fact and the sudden temperature drop reminds us that winter is around the corner. If you would like to avoid colds and strengthen yourself against flue this year start as soon as now drinking a very nourishing, healthy and heating beverage: in boiling water add one cinnamon stick and a small piece of ginger. After 2-3 minutes remove from fire, drain, add one teaspoon honey and enjoy!
I have referred to the properties of cinnamon at a previous post and any words about honey are superfluous. But what do we know about ginger?
What we consume and call ginger is actually the root of a plant known as Zingiber Officinale. Its cultivation started in Asia and in countries like China and India ginger has been used for centuries as a spice and as medicine.
Ginger, according to traditional healing practices and aromatherapy (which uses the corresponding essential oil diluted in base oil for massage), is ideal for treating colds, flue symptoms, stomach upsets, indigestion, nausea and menstrual pain. It also helps control inflammations and for that reason ginger is used widely in therapies for arthritis.
A significant laboratory research conducted by the University of Michigan in 2006 has indicated that ginger might prove a powerful ally in the battle against ovarian cancer. Researchers applied a dilution of ginger powder, similar to that used for cooking, on ovarian cancer cell cultivation. During a series of tests the ginger dilution caused the death of all cancer cells. At the same university research is carried out regarding the effect of ginger on colon cancer and whether it can alleviate nausea caused by chemotherapy.
For sure some time will pass before the scientific community will be able to express safe and cogent conclusions about the healing properties of ginger. Until then you do not have anything to lose by searching for the pungent taste and the unique aroma of ginger following the tasty suggestions of Eastern cultures...

My suggestions:

Always keep at home fresh ginger root, and cinnamon sticks. Apart from the tea I have suggested previously, there are many cooking recipes that contain those healty and extremely warming herbs.

You may find very handy  organic ginger root powder for cooking, and the caffeine free ginger tea bags, which you can enjoy straight or with honey and will relieve problems of the digestive track, PMS pain and flu symptoms.

If you suffer from rheumatism and arthritis use the following mixture to gently massage the aching areas and joints:
15 ml (approximately 1 tbsp) cayenne pepper
4 drops eo ginger
4 drops eo eucalyptus
2 drops eo thyme

If your feet are tired and aching mix 3 drops ginger essential oil and 2 drops tea tree essential oil in half liter lukewarm water and enjoy a relaxing and revitalizing foot-bath or use the special ginger foot compress.

Fight off nausea during traveling and/or pregnancy morning sickness with special ginger gum.

If you like the smell of ginger use the essential oil in a diffuser. Apart from making a great atmosphere it is ideal for softening feelings of loneliness and offering comfort and relieve from emotional pain.

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