Relieving allergic rhinitis (hay fever)

Spring is here, although temperature those days remains low. Even in a city like Athens you can understand it from the thin film of pollen formed on pavements, cars and balconies.
Although this season urges for outdoor activities and contact with nature for many people it signals the start of a tormenting period. It is estimated that 15% of developed countries population suffer every year from the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Persistent sneezing, red and swollen eyes, itchy nose, intense catarrh, headache and respiratory problems are the main symptoms of this seasonal allergy that is mainly caused by increased pollen concentration in the atmosphere. When raised temperatures and aerial contaminants of a city are added the conditions become really unbearable.
Many essential oils are suitable to relieve the above mentioned disturbing symptoms. You can clean the air in your house or office and keep your respiratory tracks open by adding in a diffuser or simply a ball with hot water juniper, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon and peppermint. If you are suffering from intense nasal congestion do inhalations with one of the above essential oils. A light massage with lavender and chamomile (diluted in carrier oil) around the nose, the forehead, the temples and the nape will help you cope with headaches.
Spring is the season of rebirth. Enjoy it!

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