Internal tourism

The days of Orthodox Easter Holy Week are suitable for body and mind detoxification. Whether you are religious or not, during those days you could adopt a diet rich in natural, non processed food, accommodate your organism’s functions by eating less, restrain all “small sins” (alcohol, sweets, coffee, smoking) and come in deeper connection with your mental and emotional world. It is an ideal period to practice “internal tourism”, as Mafalda (renowned comic character) used to say.
 In order to gain self-knowledge many people practice meditation. It also helps us acquire mental clarity and emotional balance. However meditation is not the only way. Each one of us could find a personal method to listen to the inner voices that are usually silenced by our everyday routines but are very important since they show our true fears, insecurities, needs and wishes.
The key to successful internal tourism is to step – even for a while – out of the obligation track, stop competing with time and get involved, preferably alone, with an occupation that demands mainly physical senses and less thinking. Cooking, gardening, jogging or walking, listening to or playing music, driving through a nice route, yoga, puzzle composing, painting, model building are only a few activities that could act as alternatives to meditation.
Whichever method of internal tourism you choose, essential oils can be used to help you relax and release tension. If you are in an inner space light up an incense diffuser or use a fragranced spray. If you choose an outdoor activity drip a few drops of essential oil on a tissue and take it with you. Or mix the essential oils with some base oil and rub it on the base of you neck, behind your ears or on the inside of the elbows.
Suitable essential oils are: sandalwood, cedarwood, basil, geranium, myrrh, frankincense, jasmine, rosewood and rose.

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