Basil for clear mind

The examination period for schoolchildren and students is coming close.
Although there has been some time since I last had to study hard for an exam I do remember how difficult it is sometimes to achieve the required concentration. Even many professionals find it hard to focus on readings relative to their jobs and keep in mind useful information.
The enormously big information flow available nowadays and the everyday family or personal obligations that add extra worries and food for thinking are wearing our minds. Symptoms like memory voids, confusion, headache and mental fatigue are not rare. 
Whenever mental sharpness and clear mind are required one herb is ideal...

Basil is mostly renowned for its insect (especially mosquito) repellent properties and therefore planted very often in gardens and balconies. But basil is also the first choice for mental fatigue relief, memory enhancement, thought renewal and nerve strengthening. If you are using a diffuser at the room you read, work or meditate, add a few drops of basil essential oil and you will instantly feel awaken and will experience a sharpening of your perception.
Basil is also antidepressant, antiseptic, antipyretic, helps with digestive and PMS problems and soothes itching from insect bites. 
Due to basil's estragol content its use, especially on the skin, should be conducted with care and not for long periods.
However, even if your memory remains weak after the use of basil don’t worry.  As Einstein said “why memorize something that can be easily found in a book?

My suggestions:

Strengthen your memory, boost your mental clarity and relieve headaches and migraines gently massaging your temples and nape with the following blend:

15 ml (approximately one tablespoon) organic almond oil,
4 drops basil essential oil,
4 drops lavender essential oil,
2 drops peppermint essential oil.

Use the same blend with an oil burner to get rid of mental fatigue and annoying mosquitoes!

Basil is very beneficial for hair and constitutes a basic ingredient of many hair loss treatment shampoos. Once or twice a week rinse your hair after shampooing with a dilution of 100 grams of basil - you can use fresh or dried - in one liter of water.

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