Are air fresheners safe?

Are you using air fresheners in your home, office or car? How safe are they?
"How stuff works" hosts a very interesting article on air fresheners. You may read it here.
I am only quoting some parts that certainly drew my attention:
"A 2007 study by the National Resource Defence Council of USA concluded that many contained chemicals that could cause developmental and reproductive problems, especially for infants."
"According to the USA Environmental Protection Agency, most store-bought air fresheners consist of formaldehyde, petrochemicals, p-dichlorobenzene and aerosol pollutants. The agency's "Indoor guide to air quality" also notes that air fresheners release pollutants more or less continuously."
"The USA National Institute of Health Sciences reported that the chemicals in air fresheners can reduce lung capacity and may hasten respiratory diseases."
It could be that those statements are exaggerating and further studies need to be carried out to prove them.
However I believe that the use of natural alternatives, such as essential oils, is safer and should be preferred. You can prepare a fragrant air freshener that will simultaneously lift your mood and tone your spirit with this recipe:
in 25 ml orange flower water add
6 drops eo mandarin
5 drops eo patchouli
4 drops eo sandalwood
My suggestions:

Use an oil burner to create the atmosphere you desire with the appropriate essential oils. A great variety of oil burners is available, such as the simple ones for romantic souls that love candles or the practical yet stylish electric diffusers.
Most of us spend every day a lot of time in the limited space of our cars. Use a few drops of the above mentioned mixture with a special car scenter and feel the beneficial effects of aromatherapy even while you are driving!

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